Safe, Dependable and Affordable


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If you’re like me then you may have a difficult time when it comes to locking yourself out of your home or car. Life is hectic and when you have a busy life you need assistance when it comes to lockouts. After being referred by a friend who lives in Fairfax VA, I went online anFeatured imaged found AMI Locksmith.

I live in the Arlington, VA region and work in the DC area and this company is one of the top rated locksmiths both in Northern Virginia and the DC region. If it wasn’t for AMI Locksmith, I would have been left locked out of my car for hours several times in the last few months alone! Their dependable service includes quick and reliable service sent to your door within fifteen minutes or less. They provide customers with rush service, two free keys, and no extra fees for night and weekends. AMI employs only certified locksmiths that will help handle all your lockout issues, whether you’re locked out at three in the morning or three in the afternoon they are there to help! Being a busy soccer mom, my children are always on the go and sometimes I am locked out of the house or car, but I can always rely on their dependable service to be there when I need it the most.

Services range from lockouts to re-keying, new installation, and repair — all provided by certified and licensed technicians! AMI will be there to assist you with any automotive home or business locksmith needs or repairs you have. You can trust me when I tell you I feel safe and worry free every time I need to call them for help. I have used their locksmith business in addition to the rekeying services they provide. As a bonus, AMI provides two free keys with any rekeying order.

If you have a commercial business or need residential service you will never feel safer trusting your security issues to AMI. You will be more than pleased with their fast and affordable service, which doesn’t burn a hole through my wallet. AMI Locksmith costs fifteen dollars for basic service, and they have a wide variety of discount prices sure to please.

Give them a try; you will be happy with their professional services at discount prices.


Time to ReKey!


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I never thought it would happen to me. Someone broke into my home and ran off with many priceless possessions. Sure, the items had a monetary value, but to me they were priceless. Much of what was stolen was left to me by my mother who has now passed.

My mother loved her Royal Doulton China set. I was a young girl in the 1960’s when she bought her first set. It was so beautiful, the craftsmanship was stupendous and you could feel the quality. “We will only use these for special parties” she told me. My mother was very social and we had many gatherings at the home. We did not always use the Royal Doulton set though; many times she just showed it off to her friends.

Now those memories are shattered because those plates are gone. And I was saddened to think that my upscale neighborhood in Alexandria, Va had become so unsafe. I then thought about my daughters ex-boyfriend(who I never liked!). I remember asking my daughter if she was absolutely sure he did not have a key to the house. She insisted he did not have a key, but I later learned he did.

There were no signs of a break in; therefore the police suspected it had to be someone who previously had a key. I mentioned my suspicions of the ex-boyfriend.

It did not take the police long to find the China set. The ex-boyfriend was surprised the police came to his door so soon. He never was the brightest bulb in the bunch, I could never understand what my daughter saw in him. He knew it was valuable and was planning on selling it, but instead of going straight to a pawn shop, he decided to go home and do some drinking. My china set was recovered but a couple plates received some damage.

I learned my lesson. If you are not sure whether or not someone has a copy of your house key, go ahead and rekey the house. Save yourself the trouble and hassle of dealing with a possible break in. Not everyone will be as lucky as I and honestly I was only lucky because the ex-boyfriend was quite stupid.